Treatment Days

When ICT has determined that the patient will benefit from chemotherapy, patients are typically treated 4 days per week over a 10-15 week period. Chemotherapy is administered on one of those 4 days, while complementary (Supportive Care) treatments, such as IV Vitamin C, IV sodium bicarbonate, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (and other treatments as indicated), are administered on the remaining 3 days.

Chemotherapy Treatment Day

Generally a patient will have Chemotherapy Treatment once per week over the course of treatment. On this day, ICT will deliver:

  • Low-Dose Chemotherapy
  • pH Manipulation Therapy

On this day, patients should arrive at the facility wearing comfortable clothing and are encouraged to bring reading materials, knitting, smart pad/ tablet (the facility is a Wi-Fi environment), etc. TV’s and earphones are available in treatment areas, as well. Some patients opt to bring a change of clothes, as some treatments can cause short-lived sweating and/or chills. Of course, freshly-laundered linens and blankets are provided for each patient’s comfort.

Typical treatment sessions are approximately 4 hours in length, during which time the patient can expect to be carefully monitored by an assigned medical assistant; this includes telemetry monitoring (heart rhythm), blood pressure, respiration, pulse, oxygen saturation levels, and frequent blood sugar levels. While some patients do experience mild levels of nausea during treatments, available anti-nausea meds have proven very effective in countering this side-effect.

After treatment, the patient is provided a meal. (Please advise your medical assistant of any dietary restrictions.) As is always the case, if you have any questions or concerns during your treatment session, please feel free to ask your nurse.

Please Note: Adjustments to typical treatment protocols and cycles are made as per doctor’s orders.

Supportive Care Days

Typically, patients will have 3 Supportive Care Days of treatment per week over the course of treatment. On this day, ICT is focused on boosting the cancer patient’s immunity system and quality of life during the treatment process, which is an integral part of the treatment cycle. The goal of supportive care is to ease discomfort while strengthening and healing the body. Treatments administered on this day include but are not limited to:

  • Diet and Nutrition Counseling
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • IV Vitamin C
  • IV sodium bicarbonate
  • IV amino acids
  • IV hydration
  • IV iron administration (as needed)
  • IV albumin (as needed)

To learn if ICT’s cancer treatment services are appropriate for you or to arrange an appointment, please call (561) 886-0976.