Intra-tumoral Treatment

Jason Williams

Conventional oncology is beginning to abandon the concept of "curing" cancer, since minimal gains have been realized in the management of advanced-stage cancer. The new "mantra" that is being uttered is "converting cancer to a chronic disease." The problem: cancer is a heterogeneous disease; different tumors within the same individual are often phenotypically dissimilar and therefore do not respond to the same treatment.

The solution: When necessary, treat individual tumors DIRECTLY. Most tumors can be treated with ablation techniques, such as radiofrequency (RFA) and microwave ablation, as well as cryoablation. RFA and microwave ablation not only directly kill cancer tissue, but additionally, ablation stimulates an immune response.

At our clinic, Dr. Jason Williams, a renowned Interventional radiologist and cancer scientist, will follow-up ablation by injecting immune-stimulating drugs directly into the tumor bed, to augment the immune response. This ensures that cancer killing continues for weeks after the ablation has been completed.

Image Guided Cancer Specialists Reports Successful Early Results from Cryoablation and Intra-tumoral Injection of Immunotherapy Drug Combination Yervoy and Keytruda for the Treatment of Cancer