Having low LDL cholesterol may increases risk of cancer

We are often told by doctors and the print media that we should consider taking cholesterol-lowering drugs if our cholesterol levels are elevated. However, if we decrease our cholesterol levels, are we causing an unintended consequence that may be worse: are we increasing our risk for cancer? A study published in 2012 by the American College of Cardiology showed that there is a relationship between increased cancer incidence and low LDL cholesterol, and that the relationship may help assist in predicting predisposition to cancer that could predate the incidence of the disease by decades. While this study does not suggest that low LDL levels cause cancer, it should be something to consider before pursuing interventions that would decrease your cholesterol levels. As is the case in treating any symptom, the treatment plan should consider the effect on the whole body, and perhaps this study should compel you to ensure that your physician has considered your relative risk of developing cancer vs. heart disease before putting you on a pharmacological ("drug based") cholesterol management program.